custom sizes and designs to fit your proejcts' purposes


Our internationally recognised Pearl design offers an attractive, ecologically sound habitat for unique residential projects as well as for commercial, leisure projects with smaller individual suites and mini lofts.

The shell’s self supporting arches offers interiors with no weight bearing walls allowing for limitless layout possibilities.

The structure offers optimized passive solar attributes and its optional equator facing integrated solar panels add the promise of enhanced energy autonomy for each independent unit.

Besides providing its inhabitants with a pleasant lofty cocoon effect, our building’s intrinsic shape and the use of wooden arches allows it to blend with its surrounding and provide the structure with tremendous strength against earthquakes.

“The Pearl” can be built on various terrains as well as stilts offering minimal soil disruption.
Through a 
rigorous selection of ecologically sound building materials and options it promises to exceed LEED Platinum certification requirements.

Sample floorplans 

café layout

Our Winter garden version featuring a panoramic double glass facade acting as a temperature buffer for extreme climates

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