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reveal your true aspirations

unique - custom - innovative and sustainable


Our biomimetic design philosophy and motivation are to propose nature inspired energy efficient habitats using the highest level of craftsmanship and innovation available.

Our purpose is to enhance Awareness, inspire Excellence and promote Wellbeing for generations to come:

"Nature inspired design with a twist of sustainability
that deeply meets your personal aspirations."


The use of self supporting wooden arches as the main structural support also procures unparalleled earthquake resistance due to the lack of perpendicularity to seismic rays.


Its natural aerodynamics also provides the structure with great resistance to high winds. 
Impact glass with optional reinforced shutters protect the glass facade in hurricane prone areas.

Capture d’écran 2020-03-01 à
Capture d’écran 2020-03-01 à

This structure was designed with both the Sun’s daily and year-round course in mind. Its shape is optimized to take advantage of the Sun’s benefits when needed and to protect from its harsher heat when necessary.

The equator facing side of the structure offers large bay windows to take advantage of the Sun’s heat in the winter while being completely protected by its adapted roof during summer's warmer days, therefore keeping the house's interior naturally cooler.

This translates into a highly energy efficient home where the need to artificially heat and cool your interior is tremendously reduced. Its unique shape and inclinable solar panels provide maximized solar energy gains and additional shade when necessary.

Capture d’écran 2020-02-27 à
Capture d’écran 2020-03-01 à

Durable & ecological white sun reflecting roof finish for controlled heat gains and enhanced insulation.

Rainwater recuperation system ideally located at the base of the northern pedestal.

Computerized venting system at the top of its large bay windows to automatically evacuate or circulate accumulated warm air.

master_bathroom light.jpg
pearlCR_closeup water recup light.jpg

Nature’s spontaneous proportions (the golden number 1,618) is found between all structural elements in order to increase structural strength and promote a truly harmonised vibratory sense of wellbeing.

Inspiring habitats to inspire better habits !

Centralised layout for more conviviality and functional room distribution.

Panoramic bay windows allowing a full 180° view from the main living area.

Large east/west 180° outside sun deck partially shaded in the summer time.

spa view 8 copie.jpg
"CUSTOm unique creations"

Our optimized passive solar designs offer unparalleled energy efficiency and are adaptable to most climates found on our planet.


Our buildings' unique shape and structural integrity allows them to be built on slopped terrains depending on local needs & requirements offering limitless options to truly meet your personal aspirations and desires.

Every detail counts in order to create unique homes for unique lives.

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For eco-conscious developers 
(single or multi-unit facilities) using our "ArchTech" based design philosophy and structures:

We propose modern custom adapted solutions for each project
using a complete package of off site prefabricated components
(steel or wood based structure / local contraints) delivered to the building site.

Assembly cost is dependent of local market rates for all aspects of the build.

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fully centralised
design & build
seamless process


 - original design conception
- construction project management
- interior & landscape design​
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