Designer Patrick Marsilli proposes a revolutionary solar structure

Passive solar energy:

Rotate your house away from the sun in summer to cool down and towards the sun in winter to warm up (on demand or automated rotation system).

Optional Integrated solar panels to store energy as well as several possible ecological options for better energy efficiency.

Structural strength:


Its aerodynamic form has proven resists without any damage to a wind up to 240km/hour (Taiwan Domespace resisted Cyclone Tim in 1994 and some others without deterioration).


The seismic ray that would make a 10 story building collapse turns around the ring gear of fixation without finding any perpendicularity. (Resists to seismic rays of 8 under Richter scale).

Every Domespace is erected over an elastomeric belt that works as a "silencer block"... like a piece of rubber that cushion vibrations.

Arches are solidly anchored to a steel ring gear itself fixed to a pedestal made of reinforced concrete.

   Unparalleled structural integrity

Natural proportion using the GOLDEN NUMBER bring together solid layers of spruce (considered as hard as Concrete with great FIRE RETARDANT properties).

Pleasant habitat:

  • No penetrating humidity
  • As the bottom of the house is raised from the ground on its concrete pedestal there is NO contact between the structure and the soil
  • 100% Ecological Exclusive use of FSC certified wood NO harmful chemicals
  • Bright and Natural inside luminosity from large bay windows inclined towards the sky
  • Central chimney disperses the heat evenly throughout the home taking advantage of the structure's natural convection attributes


Ideal on parcels of land that are typically harder to develop and build (smaller foundation requirements - minimal land disruption):

Steep incline, Mountain flank, Oceanfront,...

Three models in different sizes:


Level(s) Floor Sqft Square feet
Above 6 ft
Total Averaged square footage
5.38 11ft 1 828 473 656 sq-ft
6.17 12.5ft 1 1,140 753 947 sq-ft
6.65 13.5ft 2 2,088 882 1,485 sq-ft
7.20 14.5ft 2 2,260 1,248 1,754 sq-ft
7.63 15.5ft 2 2,691 1,528 2,109 sq-ft
8.08 16.5ft 2 3,035 1,840 2,443 sq-ft
8.71 17.5ft 2 3,681 2,368 3,024 sq-ft
9.53 19.5ft 2 4,434 3,013 3,724 sq-ft
11.65 23.5ft 2 6,501 4,768 5,640 sq-ft
12.40 25ft 3 7,158 5,328 6,307 sq-ft
Our 2 models : E = Eclosion / H = Harmonique

Models Ceiling Height Total Averaged sq/footage
4,35 11 420
4,81 12 527

Unique projects : Emergence

Our Emergence model offer a very attractive and functional structure for city landmarks and large scale projects such as:

  • Schools
  • City halls
  • Spas
  • Clubhouses
  • Restaurants
  • Hotels, ...

Contact us today for more information via e-mail : or toll free at 1-800-515-2755

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