"Our main focus being our habitat's intrinsic influence on our wellbeing and environment, we strive to create sustainable housing solutions, blending aesthetics, functionality and energy efficiency."

All of our structures are exceptionally balanced and energy efficient compared to traditional housing solutions therefore offering an ideal living space and preserving our environment for generations to come.

Natural proportions

Our designs are guided by nature's spontaneous proportions (the Golden Number: 1,618) to enhance structural strength and promote a sense of wellbeing.

Following strict ergonomic guidelines with your individual needs and desires in mind, our custom interiors are designed and adapted to meet your aspirations.

Natural materials

Our structures are made from natural and renewable materials (FSC certified wood, Recycled Steel, Engineered Compressed Straw, Cork beads, ...).

We create health promoting habitats in harmony with our environment (no harmful chemicals, little ground disruption, balanced humidity, ...).

The Pearl Our optimized passive solar model

(designed by David Fanchon)

The Pearl's unique shape is wonderfully adapted to the sun's daily and year round course. Its large bay windows passively utilize the Sun's heat in the winter, while being completely protected by its adapted roof during warmer summer days, therefore keeping the home's interior naturally cooler.

This feature coupled with inclinable solar paneled also provides maximized solar energy gains and additional shade when necessary.

Domespace Our rotating model

(designed by Patrick Marsilli)

Domespace's unique system and design allows for the entire structure to rotate. This enables you to orient your home's windows to either face or oppose the sun anytime you want in order to passively balance the internal temperature and reduce energy consumption.

This feature also permits a change of scenery any time you wish.

Earthquake Resistance

The use of pressure formed wooden arches as the main structural support also procures unparalleled earthquake resistance and integrity due to the lack of perpendicularity to seismic rays.

Aerodynamic Shape

Our structures' natural aerodynamic shape provides great resistance to high winds and has been proven to resist hurricane force winds as well. Our homes provide both comfort and safety in an outstanding luxurious habitat.

Explore Possibilities! Let us Design and Build your Habitats.

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