"Our habitat and environment have an undeniable influence on our wellbeing."

Our team of design professionals puts ecology and innovation on the forefront of its R&D strategy. We create and build optimally balanced living spaces with unparalleled energy efficiency to sensibly meet our clients' needs and aspirations.

Our design philosophy pushes us to increase the percentage of prefabricated structural elements in our buildings allowing for optimized quality control and faster buildout. This translates into economically viable structures offering unique structural attributes and unparalleled energy efficiency for generations to come.

Using ongoing value engineering along with early builder feedback, our designers and network of builders ease both design and construction processes, allowing us to propose environmentally conscious production logistic and material selection to efficiently fit our clients' purposes (residential and commercial) around the globe.

Structural Design

Consider our design-build approach for your commercial and residential projects:

Design-build is an agreement between an owner and a single entity that will centralize the process to design and build a facility. It is an alliance formed by a design team (Solaleya) and a local contractor specially tailored to the owner's needs.

When the right team is assembled, the process and communication are simpler and take less money and time.

The following advantages characterize our design-build projects:

  • Project cost is established early, before design work is completed (smaller initial investment).
  • Builder input is included early on to optimize the design process.
  • Owners benefit from ongoing value engineering making the most efficient use of funds.
  • We act as a single entity for design and construction to ease the communication process.
  • We gather the finest craftsmanship and competitively bid your project.
  • Faster and economical project completion.

We offer structural design solutions and interior harmonization services for built and new projects alike.

Contact us via e-mail for a Menu of Services and Portfolio:

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